Irish Charities Expo 2012.

The Irish Charities Expo 2012 will be a one day first of its kind exhibition to be held in Ireland.

The Exhibition will get charities and businesses, along with members of the public, together in the same venue so that they can network, develop partnerships and share best practice.

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Consider yourself well and truly softened up for Budget 2011! Will it be €4Bn, €5Bn, €6Bn, €7Bn - hey what's a few Billion between friends!

Taking €15Bn out of the economy – on top of the €14Bn that has already been taken out over the past two years- will have a totally devastating effect on the funding of community and voluntary organisations and the services and supports we provide with-and-for vulnerable people

Further thoughts folks -  it’s now clear that the barely-discernable green-shoots of dissent in the Labour Party over the feasibility of achieving what was a fortnight ago a €7.5Bn downwards f

One in six charities fear closure

One in six charities may have to close their doors within the next 12 months, a national conference of community and voluntary organisations heard today.

Overview of the Irish Community and Voluntary Sector

The community and voluntary sector clearly makes a big contribution to sustaining what is often referred to as ‘civil society’ in Ireland.

With two-thirds of Irish adults (that’s over two million people) engaging annually in the social, cultural and humanitarian activities offered by our 19,000 community and voluntary organisations, i

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