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Webinar: Big Issues Facing the Community and Voluntary Sector: 19 October 2018

Webinar Series - big issues facing CV sector
What are the big challenges facing community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises? Register for this webinar to get up to speed on the big issues facing the sector and have your say about how The Wheel is responding to them.

This webinar is free and only for members of The Wheel. Registration is required.

*NOTE: Once your booking is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.

Book your place here to join the webinar on 19 October.

Overview of the Irish Community and Voluntary Sector

The community and voluntary sector clearly makes a big contribution to sustaining what is often referred to as ‘civil society’ in Ireland.

With two-thirds of Irish adults (that’s over two million people) engaging annually in the social, cultural and humanitarian activities offered by our 19,000 community and voluntary organisations, i

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