Brief Encounters Training Staff Volunteers

Brief Encounters Training for Staff, Volunteers supporting families.

3 day training course, 22 February, 6-7th March, 2012, Dublin

The learning outcomes for the practitioners who attend the training are:
•       Effective engagement with parents
•       Recognise early signs of relationship stress/distress
•       Understand couple and family relationships better
•       Use a brief intervention model across a wide range of family issues
•       Use time skillfully within routine practice
•       Encourage self help and offer support
•       Make a relevant referral when necessary
•       Develop their own supportive networks
•       Clear about personal & professional boundaries

These learning outcomes will support the strategy’s aims in the following
ways :

•       It will increase the participants knowledge about Family well being and
help them to listen without feeling overwhelmed
•       It will help raise awareness of issues associated with family diversity
and so create increased sensitivity to the needs of families .

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