Nonprofit Budgeting Toolkit from The Wheel

Every Irish nonprofit needs to be concerned about the bottom line if they are to have the maximum impact in the community. Funding and earned income are rarely certain from one year to the next, after all.

The following budgeting toolkit has been put together to provide nonprofits with a series of templates and tools that will empower them when it comes to budgeting smartly and saving those valuable euros where they can. 

Money Counts Downloads

Money Counts - a Financial Toolkit for Small and Medium Sized Voluntary Organisations

Money Counts templates

Fundraising in a Recession (a report from 2into3)

25 Tips for Fundraising in Tough Times (The Ireland Funds)

Managing Risk

Community and voluntary organisations are not immune from risk. In fact, they operate in particularly high-risk environments, coping with uncertain funding streams, working with vulnerable client groups, being dependent on voluntary input, dealing with continuously changing public representatives and civil servants etc.

Risk cannot be avoided, but most types of risk can be anticipated and therefore planned for. By properly managing risk, the negative effects of hazards can be reduced. It is important that those who run not-for-profit organisations, whether as volunteers or paid staff, are aware of the risks involved and feel comfortable dealing with these. In these challenging economic times, managing risk, especially around financial risk, becomes even more important.


Introducing Risk Management to Organisations (the slides relating to The Wheel workshop)

Managing Risk in Your Organisation (a short good practice note from The Wheel)

Guidelines on Reserves Policy (developed by The Wheel)

SORP Guidelines (an information sheet from The Wheel)

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Employment Law 

Employers should be aware that there have been significant changes in Employment Law during the past few years, and it is essential that those dealing with human resources in community and voluntary organisations are informed about their rights and obligations under the law.

The Employer Resources website is a collaborative initiative between the Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups, The Wheel and Adare Human Resource Management. Its purpose to provide managers and employers from the Irish community and voluntary sector with free information and guidance on all matters relating to HR legislation and best practice.

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Fundingpoint is the online source of funding information for the Irish community and voluntary sector. Developed and maintained by The Wheel, with support from the Vodafone Foundation, lists comprehensive details for almost 800 funding schemes from a variety of sources, including central and local government, independent trusts and corporate foundations. It is an invaluable and labour-saving research tool when looking to diversify funding for your organisation.

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Resource Guides

Equip your organisation with our series of free management and resource guides and publications.

List of The Wheel’s publications.

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