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Posted on 15 Apr 2021 Last updated on 20 Apr 2021

Through its various funding programmes, the EU offers a multitude of opportunities for Irish civil society to engage in projects to help reach strategic goals. As a sector, we are not fully engaging in these opportunities, and are therefore not actively contributing to shaping EU policy that affects us every day through this engagement. Access Europe aims to address this through its capacity-building programme.  

What is Access Europe? 

Access Europe is a three-year programme, led by The Wheel and funded by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, to provide a support and capacity-building programme for Irish civil society organisations to better access EU funds and engage in EU policy. 

We recommend you start by checking out the following short video to learn more about what Access Europe can do for you.  

Key Services  

Access Europe provides the following key services: 

Information and Awareness 

Includes researching and disseminating information about funding programmes and calls relevant to civil society and developing educational materials and resources. 

Training and Special Events 

We run information and training events around EU funding and various aspects of successfully securing and delivering projects. 

Helpdesk Support 

Providing one to one advice and support to organisations on their EU development journey. 

Network Building 

This involves networking and signposting at national level with various EU contact points and agencies and building networks at EU level to connect Irish civil society to Europe. 

Connect with Access Europe 

Visit the Access Europe website to join us and subscribe to our free monthly newsletter.  For daily updates follow us on Twitter and reach out to us at with any questions.  

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