About Us

The Wheel is Ireland’s support and representative umbrella network for community, voluntary and charitable organisations. We help them get things done, we represent their shared interests to Government and other decision-makers and we promote a better understanding by the public of them and their work. In one line – we are a "one stop shop"  for and about the charity sector in Ireland. 

Our vision is of a thriving community and voluntary sector at the heart of a fair and just society.

What excites us is our vision of a vibrant, dynamic and healthy community / voluntary / charity sector. We believe passionately that it can act as a strong force in Irish society to improve the quality of our lives and our democracy. We value and cherish its diversity and we promote effective use of resources and high standards in all charitable organisations.
Following the collapse of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ in Ireland, community, voluntary and charitable organisations have a key part to play in building a more caring, just and inclusive society. We help them do that by promoting their role and helping to solve their shared challenges.
We are an independently governed membership based organisation operating with a national remit for the Republic of Ireland and our office is based in Dublin.


A thriving community and voluntary sector at the heart of a fair and just society.


We will strengthen the community and voluntary sector’s capacity and capability to play its part in achieving a fair and just society in Ireland by:
  • Representing the shared interests of community and voluntary organisations
  • Supporting these organisations to do their work
  • Promoting the importance of active citizenship

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