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The Wheel holds a prominent position in the Irish community and voluntary sector, representing the needs of our members as well as the wider sector. We therefore not only strive to promote best practice across all of the key operating areas for non-profit organisations (including governance and financial management), but we also do our utmost to ensure that we are practicing what we preach.

Below you will find a snapshot of the impact that The Wheel had in 2016, as measured against some of the key areas we are active in (including advocacy work and training and information supports for the sector). You can also access useful financial information about The Wheel, along with links to our full Audited Accounts and other key documents. Our internal governance procedures and adherence to the Governance Code are also detailed below.
If you have any additional questions or feedback about any of the information presented below, please email us at: or phone: (01) 454 8727. 
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2016 Income

In 2015, The Wheel had an income of €1,680,179 and spent €1,778,901 on services for its members  and the wider sector.

Of the total raised, €167,320 was from statutory sources as ‘core funding’; €905,436 came from statutory or EU sources for specific programmes and projects; €261,457 came from donations and gifts and €345,966 from income generated by membership and supports from the sector. 

Statutory Income / Grants

Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government

Scheme to support National Organisations. 
This part-funds the salaries of the CEO, the Membership Officer and the Finance Officer.

Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government


‘Social Partnership’ grant scheme.
This funds the salary and relates costs of the Director of Advocacy role.


Project Income from Statutory / EU Sources

Department of Education and Skills / National Training Fund 


Sector Skills’ programme 

This funding represents 80% of the costs of the ‘Sector Skills’ suite of training and supports for people working in community & voluntary organisations. 


Donations, sponsorships and fundraised grants





Donations, sponsorships and grants 


Various sources (see Audited Accounts here)
This includes incomes €50,000 for the contract of being the National Contact Point for the Europe for Citizens programme. €45,146 for the delivery of European Parliament engagement campaign. €22,319 from Newman's Own in sponsorship for the Better Together Campaign and Awards. €59,141 from the Carnegie Trust for the delivery of the Citizens Rising civic participation initiative.
Earned Income

Membership Fees

Income from membership fees membership fees which contribute to the costs of supports for members & sector. 

Income from Charitable Activities

Income from a range of charitable activities: training courses; customised training; information and advice publications; Fundingpoint subscriptions; and member affinity programmes.

2016 Expenditure

Total Expenditure: €1,446,751

In 2016, The Wheel's core income from all sources was €1,423,831 against expenditure of €1,446,751 over the same period, resulting in a deficit of €22,920 for the year. This compares to a deficit of €98,722 in 2015.


The Chief Executive Officer was the highest earning employee and received a gross salary of €84,444 in 2016 (€82,347 in 2015). 
During the year one senior manage left the organisation and two managers joined. The salary rang for the four senior managers during the year is from €60,000 and €75,263 per annum.
The Wheel does not operate a bonus scheme.
The company operates a defined contribution scheme for the benefit of its employees. The company made a contribution of up to 6% of gross salaries for its employees. Employees also made a personal contribution of a minimum of 4%.
The Wheel's directors received no remuneration for their roles. They are reimbursed for vouched expenses to attend board meetings only.
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Annual Review & Accounts

Click on the image below to access our Annual Review / Audited Accounts in full.

Audited Accounts

Our Structure

The Wheel has a staff team based in an office in Dublin, and headed by a Chief Executive Officer who reports directly to the board through the Chairperson. A management team of four reports to the Chief Executive and all other staff report to members of the management team.

Meet The Wheel's full team here >>

Decisions reserved for the board to make include:
  • The Company’s strategic plans and annual operating budgets;
  • Projects outside the scope of the strategic plan;
  • Business acquisitions and disposals;
  • Litigation;
  • Appointment/Removal of Subgroup Chairs and Members;
  • Appointment/Removal of Chief Executive Officer;
  • Appointment/ Removal of Auditors;
  • Approval of Borrowing/Finance Facilities;
  • Approval of Contracts with term exceeding one year or financial liability on The Wheel exceeding €60k;
  • Annual Review of Risk and Internal Control; and
  • Approval of new staff positions; and
  • Approval of changes to membership categories or rates.
Click here to access The Wheel's 2016 Director's Report for more information.

The Governance Code 

The Wheel has fulfilled all the recommended guideline actions for compliance for a Type C organisation as defined by the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations (

In November 2016 The Wheel conducted a full review of the standard of our ongoing compliance with the Code. The board was satisfied by this review and that standards of good governance and compliance are being maintained.

Feedback to the Board

The Wheel is eager to strengthen and develop channels of accountability between our members and the Board. To that end, we have a special Membership-Board Accountability Policy, which includes the following provisions:

  1. The Board will formally report to members twice a year about progress being made in implementing The Wheel's 'Being the Change' strategy.
  2. Members will be invited to provide their feedback directly to the Board (via a dedicated email address: and at our member forums across the country).
  3. Feedback and comments received by the board will be recorded and reviewed annually by the board.

Download the full policy document here (PDF).

The Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising

During 2015 The Wheel became fully compliant with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.  Learn more about the Statement of Guiding Principles here.

The Importance of Collaboration

The Wheel's strategy, Stronger Charities, Stronger Communities (2017 - 2020), demonstrates how much we value collaborative working in the Irish community, voluntary and charity sector. We believe that collobrative working helps to increase the value and impact of our work and will ultimately serve to strengthen the sector. 

                                                                                                                                                                   The Wheel's Collaborations in 2016   

We also strive to 'practice what we preach' by engaging in productive collaborative partnerships ourselves. While the themes change, the underlying aim remains the same: to improve the working environment for our members and the wider sector, and to empower them to realise their visions and to help transform Ireland into a more fair and just society.

In addition to the snapshot below, there's a full list of our 2016 collaborations here.

Privacy Policy

The Wheel is involved in a great amount of communication with various stakeholders from across the Irish community and voluntary sector, as well as the wider society. The purpose of our privacy policy in that regard is to be as open and transparent as we possibly can be about the types of information we collect and what we do with it. 

All information gathered by The Wheel is accumulated for the strict purpose of helping us to serve the specific needs of our members and the wider sector more accurately and in the most relevant way.

You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Complaints Policy

The Wheel has a vigorous complaints policy, put in place for the purpose of upholding the standards and quality of the interaction of all representatives of The Wheel with our members, the general public and other stakeholders. 

We have designed our complaints policy to be as straightforward and efficient as possible, to ensure that any individual or organisation who may see fit to lodge a formal complaint that The Wheel takes their feedback and input seriously and in the spirit of full openness.

You can read our Complaints Policy here.

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