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Technology for Charites Initiative

An exciting new venture is being launched in Buswells hotel at 9am on 2 November by Minister Pat Carey, T.D, for ENCLUDE, an Irish te

Innovating for Good: Free Social Enterprise Event

As part of the forthcoming Dublin Innovation Week Clann Credo, will be co-hosting an event on Social Enterprise on 11 November.  

Niall Mellon Urges Students to Volunteer Services

Irish people and “future leaders” in colleges and universities must be encouraged to volunteer during difficult economic times, businessman and charity founder Niall Mellon has said.

“when the chips are down rather than when the chips are up”

Fás Under Further Pressure

Fás, the state training agency, has uncovered evidence that a number of training providers are using money allocated to specific training projects to fund everything from their electricity bills to

Schools Still Waiting on Computer Grants

Second-level schools are still waiting for Government grants to buy basic laptops and projectors for classrooms almost a year after they were first announced by the Taoiseach and the Minister for E

US Education Opportunity for Irish Grant-Making Organisations

Up to fourteen individuals including decision-makers from grant making organizations (philanthropic foundations and trusts), micro-financing organizations, community development bodies, and relevan

UCD Volunteers Overseas

In 2003, former chaplain of UCD, Fr. Tony Coote, was approached by a number of students keen to get involved in voluntary work overseas.

Maynooth Students’ Union Snubs Hanafin Over Cuts

Maynooth students’ union has refused to attend the opening ceremony of the new Humanities and Social Sciences building in NUI Maynooth by Minister Mary Hanafin this Thursday (September 16th).

Leitrim People Turn to Charity to Help Fund Educational Costs

St Vincent De Paul, Ireland's largest charitable organisation has seen a huge jump in applications for educational grants across the country, including Co Leitrim.

Parents and Charities Issue Call for Cheaper School Uniforms

To their detractors, they are a relic of regimented, old-fashioned schooling; a sign that Irish education still values conformity above individuality.

The children's charity Barnardos and the National Consumer Agency have backed calls for less specialised uniforms in order to cut down costs.

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