Governance & Charity Regulation - a 2-day Survival Guide: Limerick - 9 & 10 May 2017

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The Wheel
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9 May 2017 - 9:15am - 10 May 2017 - 3:30pm
Absolute Hotel Limerick, Sir Harry's Mall, Limerick
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Full 2-day programme - 85 Euro for Members of The Wheel / 130 Euro Non-members. More options below.

An intensive 2-day training opportunity for Irish charities determined to excel in good governance, income diversification, complying with charity regulation and understanding the requirements of transparency at all times.

It is possible to attend each session individually or the full 2-day programme (click here to see registration detail below).

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Course details: 
These are difficult days for Irish charities. With increased scrutiny of the way in which we govern ourselves, the onus is now clearly on us to ensure that we are all adhering to existing charity regulation and the highest possible standards of good governance and transparency.
This intensive 2-day practical workshop has been carefully developed to address these precise needs with: 
  • A clear and achievable pathway towards successful compliance with all facets of charity regulation (including an entire day given over to good governance); 
  • A thorough understanding of income diversification and how to make services financially sustainable;
  • How to adhere to best practice in terms of transparency, as well demonstrating impacts and outcomes.
The workshop (an updated delivery of our Ready for Regulation 2-day workshop) will be split into 2 days as outlined below: 

DAY 1 – Governance from the Ground Up (Regulation)

The second day of the workshop will be devoted entirely to the theme of good governance and is divided into:

Morning Session: Intro to Governance

The morning will commence with a thorough introduction to governance – what it is, why it matters and what practicalities you must consider in order to ensure that your organisation is ready to being a journey to good governance.
The session will also introduce the updated and revised Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations. Beginning with an outline of the structure of the Code, you’ll be provided with ample food for thought as we break for lunch.

Afternoon Session: Governance Code In-depth

The remainder of the day will be given over to the practical ‘nuts and bolts’ of applying the Governance Code, beginning with a walk-through of the Code itself. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of the 5 Principles of the Code, how to go about the process of beginning your journey towards compliance and also how the Code fits into the overall context of charity regulation in Ireland.  

Day 2 – Regulation. Resources. Recognition.

Session 1: Regulation

The day will begin with a detailed overview of existing Charity Regulatory Frameworks - namely The Charities Act 2009, The Lobbying Act 2015 and The Companies Act 2014.
You’ll be learning about the compliance requirements that are expected of your charity, including the registration process for the Charities Regulatory Authority and the potential relevance of the Lobbying Act 2015 to your activities. 

Session 2: Resources

You cannot deliver your mission in the community unless you can make your organisation financially sustainable. 
This session will be covering the key components necessary to build a financially sustainable organisation, including: 
  • Sourcing grants 
  • Generating earned income
  • Securing contracts. 

Session 3: Recognition

The third session of the day will focus on recognition. Irish charities are doing a great job and it’s imperative that we communicate this properly:
  • Impacts and Outcomes: prepare to gain a tight understanding of the importance of outcomes-based work, measuring your impact and demonstrating your effectiveness.
  • Transparency: this part of the session will focus on best practice guidelines for ensuring your organisation is being as transparent as possible. For example, prominently indicating on your website etc. that your non-profit is already in compliance with the Governance Code or publishing your annual accounts online for all interested parties to access and read. 
  • Communications Tools: we’ll wrap up the day with some practical pointers towards resources, tools and applications that you can employ – often for free – to help your organisation communicate the great work that you do to all stakeholders.  

Note on Booking

Lunch will be provided to all attendees, along with tea / coffee breaks that will provide ample opportunity to network and connect with your fellow attendees from across the sector.
When booking, you will be able to attend both days, chose to attend the first day or the second day only. 
The Wheel, however, strongly recommends attending both days, as the three themes of Regulation / Resources / Recognition are integral to each other and so should be absorbed as part of a wider package and education.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, attendees will be equipped to confidently tackle the biggest challenges that their non-profits are facing.

From income concerns, to charity regulation and good governance, this 2-day workshop represents an excellent investment in the long-term health and standing of your non-profit.

Trainer: Ivan Cooper (Director of Advocacy, The Wheel)

Ivan Cooper

Ivan is charged with progressing The Wheel's policy positions on cross-cutting issues affecting the community and voluntary sector, e.g. charity regulation, strengthening the sector, active-citizenship, standards and supports amongst others.

He oversees the research programme which The Wheel conducts about the profile and scope of the community and voluntary sector in Ireland and he represents The Wheel on a range of fora, national and international.

A number of bursaries are available for attendance of this 2-day training event. Please contact Jayne Tennyson for further details:

Feedback from Previous Participants of this Workshop:

"Taking the time - 2 days to explore the topics in depth was truly valuable. The materials provided, together with the promise of Power Point slides add significantly to the learning experience. The participants at such an event are always a valuable resource.  A really valuable workshop, thank you." - Liz Murphy, Pieta House

"The understanding I gained in this training are valuable to our company strategy and planning. Coming to this training at a time we are strategizing for the year ahead is spot on. I think all not for profit organisation should be made to attend this training." - J. Eniola, The Compassion Centre Ireland

"I was particularly interested in the provisions of the Charities Act 2009 as they will impact on my role and I feel the session gave me plenty of the information I sought plus a route through which to enhance my understanding." - E. Matthews, Royal National Lifeboat Institution

"The course was a perfect introduction to regulation, governance and reporting in the sector. Ivan is a great facilitator. His energy, expertise and enthusiasm transforms what could be just a training course into a very positive experience." - A. Farrell, Transparency International Ireland

"An excellent initiation into the mindset needed in the new Regulatory regime . Ivan's sessions were lively and questioning - brilliantly done, moved everyone to higher level of understanding." - W. Hammond, Edmund Rice International

The Governance Code

The new Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable (CVC) Organisations in Ireland.

This Code has been developed by the sector and for the sector, with the express purpose of enabling CVC organisations to achieve the highest standards of governance in the running of their organisations.

Seeking Further Assistance with The Governance Code?

The Wheel provides tailored training solutions to community, voluntary and charitable organisations in the areas of: Corporate & Financial Governance; Strategic Planning; Income Diversification & Fundraising; Risk Management; and Communications.

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Who Should Attend: 

This workshop will be of particular relevance to charity CEO’s, financial officers, fundraisers, trustees and other senior staff. All, however, are welcome to attend.

How to Register: 

Registration on the day from 9.15am.

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