Certificate in Charity Law, Trusteeship and Governance: Dublin - 2 March 2018

Training provider: 
The Wheel
Date / time: 
2 Mar 2018 - 10:00am
The Law Society Diploma Centre, Dublin
Price details: 
€1,650.00 - There is a 10% discount for members of The Wheel

Accredited by the Law Society of Ireland, this ground-breaking practical 3-month course (over 4 modules) will provide participants with the knowledge they need to meet their regulatory obligations, work with relevant Codes, and understand the place of their nonprofit within the wider legal landscape.

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Application closing date: 
23 Feb 2018
Course details: 

The Wheel has teamed up with the Law Society of Ireland in an important initiative to provide board members, leaders and senior staff within the Irish community and voluntary sector, and legal practioners with an unmissable opportunity to earn a Law Society of Ireland Certificate in Charity Law Trusteeship and Governance.

In addition, the Diploma Centre app allows students to download lectures for the duration of the course on an iPad or a mobile device to watch while offline.

The Right Training at the Right Time

The course aims to provide practitioners and those working in the charity, community and voluntary sector with an overview of the law and best practice in the relevant areas. The sector has faced many challenges in recent times and credibility needs to be restored. The establishment of the Charities Regulator and developments in terms of funding and competitive tendering herald changes that need to be taken on board to shape the future of this sector in Ireland.

The course will have a very practical emphasis and will equip both practitioners advising organisations and those working within the sector with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain integrity and uphold standards.

Programme structure and approach to learning

The Certificate in Charity Law, Trusteeship and Governance programme is based on the following module scheme and covers key themes as listed below:
Module 1: Introduction
  • Recent trends in Charity Sector in Ireland
  • Regulation of charities and the Charities Act 2009
  • The legal framework & legal structures for charities

Module 2: Governance

  • Governance framework and related issues
  • Implementation
  • Risk assessments and managing risk
Module 3: Finance & Fundraising
  • Legislative framework for fundraising
  • Regulation of & best practice for fundraising
  • Financial reporting: Statutory requirements
  • Statement of Recommended Practice SORP
Module 4: Strategy and management
  • Management, Human resource and volunteer policies
  • Charities & corporate governance
  • Data protection issues
  • Employment law
  • Outcomes approach
  • Procurement and tendering

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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate a specialised knowledge of charity law, governance and trusteeship
  • understand the unique challenges faced by trustees of “Public Benefit” charities as distinct from private “for profit” firms
  • be aware of the importance of relevant codes
  • advise clients in relation to the various insolvency procedures.

Lecturers and Tutors

The lecturers and tutors for this certificate are drawn from members of the legal profession with significant practice expertise in this area and, in addition, other consultants such as accountants and/or economists, and experts from the community & voluntary sector. 

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Registration & Details

Cost of the course: €1,650 - There is a 10% discount for members of The Wheel

The closing date for applications on this course is the 23 February 2018. Please have your application form and payment submitted by this date.

Registration is through The Law Society of Ireland Diploma Centre. Find details and application form here


Download the timetable

Delivery method

Blended learning: introductory lecture onsite and online; thereafter online Fridays with online workshops on Saturdays.



The course is provided by way of blended learning, and participants have the choice to attend lectures onsite at the Law Society Diploma Centre, Dublin or watch live webcasts.

Feedback from Previous Participants

"Thank you. I have recommended the course to co-workers."

"Good to have speakers who have actually implemented structures and processes around these topics within their organisations."

"A lot covered in each module. It was great to have the variety of backgrounds in training. Moodle was excellent - new type of learning for me. I have saved all the content of those moodle forum interactions for later use."

"I must say that the online forum was hugely useful and beneficial and that this should continue going forward."

"Very engaging informative course. A great bunch of people to meet and hopefully stay in touch with into the future."



                                 The Wheel  

Who Should Attend: 

The course will have a very practical emphasis and will appeal to those in practice who advise charitable organisations. It will also appeal to those working in the sector or those who hold positions on boards of organisations or in a management capacity. We invite lawyers and individuals involved with the sector to apply. 

If you are not a qualified solicitor, trainee or barrister, please apply with a cover letter and CV for approval in order to attend the course.

There is a 10% reduction for members of The Wheel.

How to Register: 

Cost of the course: €1,650

The closing date for applications is Friday 23 February 2018. To pay online click on the 'Book Now' button. For all other methods of payment including, draft, cheque and EFT please see our methods of payment.
Applications are welcome for this course from suitably qualified non-members. Please explain your interest and set out any relevant experience in a cover letter and a brief CV. Such applications are subject to a supplemental fee.

Course contact details

01 454 8727