Corporate Fundraising – Engaging Businesses to Boost Your Income: Dublin - 1 May 2018


Build your corporate sponsors, donors and partners by learning who to ask and how to ask. Also, explore ways to engage companies and their staff to maximise their support.

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers: Galway, 15 May 2018


This workshop has been developed specifically for CEOs / Senior Managers / Decision Makers who do not have a financial background yet who nevertheless need to be able to assess and produce financial statements, balance sheets, budgets etc.

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SEPA (Single European Payments Act) - Q&A

On 17 June, 2013 The Wheel held a webinar (online seminar) for members of The Wheel on the subject of SEPA, which stands for the Single European Payments Act.

Minister Hogan to Launch New Report on Social Finance

Clann Credo - The Social Investment Fund



Organisation Relationships

 Who you work with can be just as important as how you work

Financial Responsibilities

 Keeping detailed records, on receipt, of all monies received...

Each organisation has significant financial responsibilities that must be taken seriously. These include:

Guidelines on Reserves Policies for Charities (March 2016)

Income needs to be spent promptly in line with prudent management of the finances.  


 Good financial management will keep your organisation efficient and effective...


Find out as much as you can about what is to happen and use your judgement as an organisation to work out a best case and a worst case scenario... 

In good times, you may have paid relatively little attention to budgeting or to monitoring outcomes against budgets and available resources, apart from project budgets and outcomes that y

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