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Gert Ackermann is a free-lance communications contractor and has acted as the Communications Officer with The Wheel since May 2008.

Open Information Event

You are invited to an upcoming information event in Cork where you can explore the adult education opportunities that are available to staff and managers working, or currently seeking work, in the non-profit/human services sector:

  • What are the expected qualifications for someone working in the non-profit/human services sector today?
  • What are the choices open to you regarding blended learning? What is it exactly?
  • What options are available to you on your doorstep?

These are just a few of the questions that Raymond Watson, Course Director at the Open Training College, will be answering to those attending the Open Information event in Cork on June 30th.

Raymond will also be announcing the new regional timetable for the BA in Applied Social Studies (Disability) that launches in September 2010. The new timetable highlights the amount of skills workshops now available to students around the country in Galway, Dublin and Cork.

Please feel free to come along and enjoy some discussions around the current options open to you in the Munster area regarding Applied Social Studies and Applied Management courses.

Tel: 021-4883789 for more info.

About Opening Training College

The Open Training College is a division of St. Michael’s House established in 1992 in response to a need to provide professional education and training programmes to staff working in services for people with a disability. We have been steadily growing our courses and reputation since that time and now are a well respected, well established academic institute of excellence in our field. Recently, we have moved to providing management programmes to degree level to the wider non-profit sector – a move that was informed by extensive consultation with stakeholders from these sectors.

Over 2,800 students from 125 human services agencies across Ireland and Europe have earned accreditation on Open Training College courses. Would you like to join them? Please join us in Cork and take the first step to earning a professional, accredited qualification specific to the non-profit/human services sector.

Please contact Conor Murray on (01)2988544 or for further information.

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 "fascinating" fact

Workshop on Headshops Substances Goes Nationwide

Responding to the continuing national concerns and incidents around this issues of Head shops and “Legal Highs”, the Learning Curve Institute has announced that it’s highly topical one day workshop entitled “Legal Highs - A description of the available headshops substances and their effect” will now be offered in Limerick, Athlone, Dublin and Cork over the next three months.The Learning Curve Institute is a registered FETAC provider of internationally recognised, fully accredited courses and boasts a host of experts in the fields of Drug Awareness, Addiction and Counselling.

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