Consider yourself well and truly softened up for Budget 2011! Will it be €4Bn, €5Bn, €6Bn, €7Bn - hey what's a few Billion between friends!

Taking €15Bn out of the economy – on top of the €14Bn that has already been taken out over the past two years- will have a totally devastating effect on the funding of community and voluntary organisations and the services and supports we provide with-and-for vulnerable people

Further thoughts folks -  it’s now clear that the barely-discernable green-shoots of dissent in the Labour Party over the feasibility of achieving what was a fortnight ago a €7.5Bn downwards f

One in six charities fear closure

One in six charities may have to close their doors within the next 12 months, a national conference of community and voluntary organisations heard today.

Overview of the Irish Community and Voluntary Sector

The community and voluntary sector clearly makes a big contribution to sustaining what is often referred to as ‘civil society’ in Ireland.

With two-thirds of Irish adults (that’s over two million people) engaging annually in the social, cultural and humanitarian activities offered by our 19,000 community and voluntary organisations, i

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