Programme for Official Launch of The Governance Code for Ireland's Community, Voluntary and Charity Sector: Dublin - 28 June 2012

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Governance Code Consultation Extended to 29 July

In response to feedback received during the series of seven information and consultation meetings around the country on the draft Governance Code for Ireland's community and voluntary sector, the W

Public Consultation Launched on Governance Code for Charities

A series of public consultation on the development of a Governance Code for Ir

Training Events Calendar 2011

Click on any of the events below for further information or to book a place.

Training Events Calendar 2010

We have prepared an interesting and varied training events calendar for 2010.

This year's calendar will be featuring some regulars, such as events on governance, finance and a continuation

Financial Reporting by Charities

“It is most likely that this will require charities to disclose some additional information in relation to their charitable activities and their finances." 

Financial Reporting Standards for Charities – Current Requirements (June 2016)

All registered charities are required to complete an annual return to the CRA, by 10 months a

Good Governance Checklist

Have you done an audit of skills of your governing body?

Although every organisation is different, the trustees of any charitable or non-profit organisation, also known as the Governing Body should be able to answer positively to these questions:

Annual Reports

Producing a report on an annual basis that communicates the key information as noted below is good practice.

An annual report is an underused publicity vehicle.

Communications Strategy

The reputation of your organisation is one of your biggest asset

Your communications strategy

Do you have a strategy for regular and effective communication with your stakeholders (the people who would have a particular interest in your organisation)?

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