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25 Tips for Fundrasing in Tough Times


The last few weeks have seen the world experience unprecedented financial turmoil and we find ourselves in a position where it seems just about anything could happen. Things considered unthinkable in the past have come to pass and nobody, it seems, knows what the next day will bring. Doom and gloom prevails and forecasts of the apocalyptic collapse of the world economy abound.

The Language of Philanthropy and Background on Community Foundations

Prepared by The Community Foundation for Ireland

How does Philanthropy differ from Charity?

Philanthropy tends to be planned giving, developed with the input of professional advisors, family members and with detailed consideration of long-term returns on the investment. Charity in the typical sense tends to be more reactive.

Fundraising Appeals

An important and sometimes neglected area of fundraising is a strong, clearly articulated fundraising appeal. To fundraise successfully you have to take the time and effort to develop attractive, effective fundraising appeals.

The need to present appeals in an engaging way is why many fundraising professionals have previous marketing experience or qualifications because, like it or not, fundraising is selling. Just because you are ‘selling’ the good work that your charity does, you must avoid ‘falling in love with your stock,’ as marketing people say.

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