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Tips for Fundraising Via Twitter

Social networking sites are opening new doors for nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

How to Recruit Fundraising Volunteers

The next time you are in charge of the team’s fundraising efforts, consider the following three tips for successful volunteer recruitment and retention.

Getting Corporate Sponsorship

If you are specifically trying to secure corporate sponsorship, then have a look at Ten Tips on Developi

While there are a lot of Irish companies that make their sponsorship/donation programmes public, there are many more who do not publish that information.

Tips for Delivering Your Video Project On Budget

The country is in a recession, fundraising income is down and your budget has just been cut.

Tips for Fundraising Post-Event Success

Okay, so you've just staged a successful fundraising event and you're very pleased with the number of people that attended and contributed to it.

Fundraising in Hard Times: 10 Practical Strategies


Notes from a seminar presented by Alice Garrad and Trevor Gill of Training People.



5 Ways to Attract Mature Online Donors

More and more older people are using the web, and using it frequently. It is therefore important to tread carefully in when attempting to attract online donors of a certain age.

Setting Realistic Fundraising Targets

Fundamental to successful fundraising is the setting of a fundraising target, whether it is €100 or €1,000,000. Setting a fundraising target enables fundraisers to plan strategically for achieving the target.

To achieve the overall fundraising target is is recommended to further develop a series of fundraising targets for other areas of activity.

So for example, an organisation which needs to fundraise €100,000 may set a target of:

Resources for Schools, Students, Researchers & Individuals does not generally cover funding opportunities for schools, students or researchers (except where the school / research activity is about broader community activity) or individuals. Below however you can find some resources that may assist any of the above groups in their funding research.


Schools can often fall outside of the remit of many funders but not all. A limited number of grant-makers (statutory or private) will fund or offer support to schools, e.g. Léargas or Microsoft Ireland.

Analysing Your Fundraising Capacity

Part of the planning process for fundraising is to analyse your fundraising capacity, or the ability of your organisation to reach its fundraising target. An analysis of fundraising capacity will include analysis of the people you have available, fundraising resources and organisational factors.


People are a key factor in successful fundraising. From volunteers participating in street collections to trustee members and staff - fundraising is only really effective when people are dedicated to a fundraising role. Your organisation might ask itself:

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