Fundraising from the Public

How to Win Back Lapsed Donors

Definitions may differ, but for the sake or argument, lets define a lapsed donor as someone who has not donated to your organisation within the last year, two years or three years.

Nine Ways to Communicate Effectively with Supporters

Communication is the key to successful fundraising.

Tips for Fundraising Post-Event Success

Okay, so you've just staged a successful fundraising event and you're very pleased with the number of people that attended and contributed to it.

Top Ten Fundraising Tips For Kids

Do keep these guidelines in mind whenever your child is considering pitching in with the fundraising efforts!

  1. Sell products to family members first (how could they refused you!)

Tips for Running a Silent Auction Fundraiser

Silent auctions are a constantly reliable source of fundraising income. Below you will find a series of tips on how to raise the most money possible through the running of a silent auction.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Below you will find some handy and resourceful ideas for raising some extra funds for your organisations work with the community this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Charity Raffles

Charity Raffle Prize Limits

There is a cap on the prize money for once-off raffles of €3,800, raised from £300 by Statutory Instrument No. 72 of 1987, following the Review of the Gaming and Lotteries Acts 1956-86 .  A copy of the Act, with its revisions, is included in the review document.

My Legacy Campaign

My Legacy is the first consortium of charities that have come together to encourage people to leave a donation to their favourite charitable organisation in their will. Making a charitable bequest is not something that only wealthy people can do. Through our work, My Legacy aims to educate and inform people from all walks of life on how they can make a real difference to the causes they care about.

Fundraising on eBay Ireland

Virtually everyone who has used a computer in the last few years has at least heard of the online auction website, eBay. With over 200 million registered users worldwide, eBay also represents a useful – and most importantly, a cost effective way – of raising much-needed funds for your organisation or cause.

How to Plan a Fundraising Event or Activity

Events and activities are an essential and often lucrative part of fundraising for a majority of organisations. As with all fundraising, organising and carrying out fundraising events and activities should be planned strategically. This article outlines some of the key steps to take in planning and carrying out fundraising events and activities.

Why do them?

We can name at least four good reasons for doing fundraising events and activities.

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