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The Wheel is Ireland's primary source of information on community, voluntary and charitable activity.

The Wheel is Ireland's largest representative and support body for charities.


It is our wish that wheel.ie contains information that is timely, accurate and pertinent to the work and interests of those working for the Community & Voluntary Sector in Ireland.

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Annual Conference

 Innovating for Good -  26 May.

The Wheel’s annual conference is a major highlight of the calendar in the community, voluntary, charitable sector in Ireland.
Positioned to bring the latest thinking ab

About Us

The Wheel is Ireland’s support and representative umbrella network for community, voluntary and charitable organisations.

Our vision is of an Ireland with a vibrant and dynamic community and voluntary sector...

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We welcome you as a user of the Wheel.ie website (the "Site").

Strategic Plan, 2017 - 2020

A fair and just society can only be realised if the wider public and key stakeholders in all sectors are engaged in the process of developing a shared understanding of what such a society might look like...

The Wheel is very pleased to present Stronger Charities, Stronger Communities, our 2017 - 2020 Strategic Plan.

Setting out our strategy and specific objectives for

History of The Wheel

The Wheel has consistently kept true to its initial remit as a connecting mechanism across the broader community / voluntary / charitable sector.

The Wheel was an idea articulated for the first time in 1998 by people across the sector who felt that a connecting network would be a good idea for groups working both locally and nation

Big Issues

One of The Wheel's strategic goals is to improve the legal, political and operational environment for the community and voluntary sector.  There is much to be done to provide a supportinve environment for voluntary organisations, but minimising the negative effects of the economic and social crisis  on the community and voluntary sector and on the people we serve is our top priority at the moment. 

The Wheel is working to address at the moment is the effect of the economic and social crisis on the community and voluntary sector. 

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