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Do you need specialist guidance in areas such as governance, communications & marketing, risk management, compliance, fundraising or reporting?

Why not consider The Wheel's tailored training solutions, delivered by our in-house team of experts?


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The Wheel provides tailored training services to non-profit organisations in the following areas (click on headings for more info):

Good governance and strategic planning are at the heart of every successful community and voluntary organisation.
A tailored training session with one of The Wheel's experts will help to demystify the subject and provide you with a clear understanding of the main areas entailed in good governance, including:
  • leadership
  • resource-provision
  • delegation
  • reporting
  • compliance with various legal obligations/acts
  • risk management
  • accountability.
As one of the organisations that took a lead in it's development, The Wheel is also uniquely positioned to deliver tailored training solutions that focus on, or include, the new Governance Code for the Irish community and voluntary sector.

See below for further information.
The Wheel can provide your organisation with a one-day Strategy Design Service, which will include the tailored development of:
  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • Setting higher level goals
  • Achieving objectives of goals.
At the end of your session, you will have a comprehensive grounding in the strategy, which will equip your organisation for the years ahead.

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With deep cuts in State funding and a fall in public donations, there is little doubt that times are tough for Irish community and voluntary groups.

However, booking your tailored training session with The Wheel will allow you to tap into the latest thinking and solutions in the following areas:
  • income-diversification
  • introducing social enterprise
  • staging successful fundraising events
  • writing effective funding applications
  • dealing with funders.

Led by Hugh O'Reilly, The Wheel's Director Business Development, we can tailor make your training to directly and innovatively address your income and funding needs in a way that delivers real-world results. 

Funding Finder Research Service

In addition to providing on-site / in-house tailored training solutions, The Wheel also has a Funding Finder research service. Utilising our extensive funding research for your benefit, The Wheel's resident funding researcher will conduct tailored funding research for your organisation. This research will pinpoint grants and funding opportunities that are suitable for your organisation to apply for, all of which will be presented to you in a comprehensive research report.
"I was very fortunate to use the results of the Funding Point, Database Search that was prepared on behalf of Nurture.  I found that it was an excellent focused starting point that enabled me to hit the ground running in respect of Nurture's Funding Program Development. Nurture's investment in this professional search has enabled Nurture to grow their support programmes in line with its strategic plan.  It meant that Nurture had a bank of suitable Funders that had provided funding for like charities and NGOs to progress its funding plans. We have been able to use this starting point to expand our knowledge base, redefine our strategies, expand our funding activities and importantly hit our Funding targets for programmes.  After applying the search for eight months we can better plan for 2015.  Any funding which is relevant to our services but we were unable to match their criteria before we will be prepared for in 2015." - T. Comiskey, Funding Manager, Nurture
"When I joined DEBRA Ireland I didn’t know where to begin when it came to wading through the various funding sources available to our organisation. I contacted Paul Meade at The Wheel for a Funding Finder Consultancy and he was able to pinpoint 28 solid funding leads for us to apply to. In addition to this, Paul was also happy to answer all of my follow-up questions and to provide us with invaluable advice and ideas on how to make our funding applications as effective as possible. I would certainly recommend the Funding Finder service to anyone else in a similar situation.” - J. Gilsenan, DEBRA Ireland
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Community, voluntary and charitable organisations face a myriad of risks, including uncertain funding streams, working with vulnerable client groups, achieving strategic goals and having the desired impact, health and safety hazards, dealing with volunteers, etc.
Booking your tailored training with The Wheel will help equip your organisation with the knowledge and the skills required to face these challenges head on.
Our practical risk management tailored training sessions will help you to:
  • assess the risks facing you and your organisation
  • develop an effective strategy to deal with this risk
  • access further information and resources on the topic.

See below for further information.

Community, voluntary and charity organisations exist to make a difference in the lives of the people and communities that they serve. Quantifying, measuring, understanding and communicating that difference can, however, pose significant challenges.
Book an Outcomes and Impacts tailored training session with The Wheel will give you the solid grounding you require in order to start cultivating an outcomes-focused and impact-led approach to your work.
Specifically, this tailored training session will:
  • Help you to understand the key concepts and benefits of the outcomes-focused and impact-led approach
  • Make you familiar with sample indicators and impact assessment tools
  • Illustrate best practice methods using relevant case studies
  • Equip you with additional resources for further learning.

See below for further information.

We're all doing great work in our communities. But are we backing that great work up with a strong set of messages to our supporters, funders and to the wider public? 
The Wheel's communications tailored training solution is geared towards providing a review of your existing communications channels. From this review we can help you to create a new communications strategy and direction for your organisation.

We can also provide practical training and up-skilling in the following areas:
  • Media Relations (PR)
  • Online Marketing
  • Social media (including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin)
See below for further information.
The Wheel is now offering tailored training solutions for Collaborative Working, in order to help organisations explore whether collaboration is the right approach for them, what types of collaborative working opportunities might exist and how to go about approaching potential collaborative partners.
Why Collaborate?
All public benefit entities (charities) are ultimately aiming to achieve the same objectives: to improve people’s lives and make the world a better, fairer and more just place in which to live - and all voluntary organisations make use of public funds in doing their work. There is, therefore an onus upon charities to collaborate in their work whenever possible, and avoid unnecessary competition and duplication of effort. Collaborative working can range from simple coordination of effort to partnership working to full-blown mergers - this tailored training service is aimed at facilitating groups in understanding what might work best for them and to explore how to go about it.
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Meet Our Tailored Training Team

Deirdre Garvey

Deirdre delivers tailored training in the following area: governance; strategy; fundraising and risk management.

Deirdre is the founding Chief Executive Officer of The Wheel (in the role since October 2000) and has overseen The Wheel’s growth from a concept to a national network of several thousand, including over 1,200 member organisations. 
Deridre GarveyDeirdre has represented the sector’s shared interests since she has been with The Wheel: The Wheel was awarded the status of Social Partner in 2003 and Deirdre was a member of the Steering Group for the ‘Towards 2016’ national agreement from 2006 to 2010 and also a member of the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) from 2003 to 2007, and an alternate member from 2007 - 2010. In 2001 Deirdre was one of 12 people selected to represent the Community and Voluntary Sector on the Implementation and Advisory Group of the Government's White Paper on Supporting Voluntary Activity which existed from 2001 though to April 2007. By Ministerial appointment, she was a member of The Electoral Area Boundary Committee which reviewed the local electoral area constituency divisions in 2008. Prior to joining The Wheel, Deirdre was Director of Development (Fundraising) at The Barretstown Gang Camp in Kildare where she worked for five years. 


Ivan Cooper

Ivan Cooper

Ivan provides tailored training solutions for all matters pertaining to governance, collaboration, strategy development, outcomes and impacts and risk management.

Ivan has been Director of Advocacy with The Wheel since 2005. Ivan is charged with progressing The Wheel's policy positions on cross-cutting issues affecting the community and voluntary sector, e.g. charity regulation, strengthening the sector, active-citizenship, standards and supports amongst others. He oversees the research programme which The Wheel conducts about the profile and scope of the community and voluntary sector in Ireland and he represents The Wheel on a range of fora, national and international. He is a member of the Dialogue on Democracy and is a former member of the management committee of the National Economic and Social Forum (NESF). 


Gert Ackermann

Gert provides tailored training relating to all areas of communications.

Gert joined The Wheel as Communications Officer in March 2008. Originally from South Africa, he studied Political Science and Journalism before cutting his teeth in the world of journalism, talk radio and book publishing. Gert is responsible for The Wheel's communications strategy and publications and was editor of the sector magazine, Le Chéile (now replaced by Be The Change magazine). He is passionate about digital communications and the transformative power of the web. Gert played a key role in the development of Better Together, a national campaign that helps charities to connect with the public through social media. Email Gert

Paul Meade

Paul Meade

Paul is the primary researcher for all Funding Finder research services.

Paul has served as the lead researcher and manager for Fundingpoint, The Wheel's online database of funding grants, since its launch in 2008. Since that time Fundingpoint has grown to become what is now by far the largest funding information resource for the Irish nonprofit sector (with over 800 grants in the database). Paul's extensive and in-depth research encompasses a wide variety of sources, including many lesser known funding opportunities, including both those based in the Republic Ireland, as well as applicable EU sources and international trusts and foundations. Paul also researches and writes regular articles for the Fundingpoint Fundraising Guidance Library and produces Ireland's most widely read monthly fundraising e-publication, the Fundingpoint Newsletter. 


Hugh O'Reilly

Hugh provides training and specialist advice relating to all aspects of income diversification and growth for Irish nonprofits.

As Director of Business Development Hugh is responsible for directing, leading and supporting work areas on behalf of The Wheel and its members. The primary focus is to drive and implement a strategic and operational funding plan that meets income targets for The Wheel and funds programmes and services that support the sector.
Hugh has over ten years in management and business development roles in Construction, Education, Arts, Fundraising Consultancy and Community & Voluntary organisations.  

Hugh has a Certificate in Fundraising, a BA in Design and an MA in Public & Political Communication.


Mairead O'Connor

Mairead O'Connor

Mairead provides training solutions and specialist advice on all aspects of governance and regulation for Irish nonprofits.
Mairead O'Connor joined The Wheel in November 2016 as Training and Advice Coordinator. She coordinates the advice and capacity-building support services we provide to our members. As well as driving and supporting the overall training programme delivered by The Wheel, Mairead facilitates groups in various programmes and can deliver a variety of Wheel training for members. 
Mairead comes to us after spending the past 5 years in a training and development role in Grey Heron Media, working closely with Craol - The Community Radio Forum of Ireland coordinating a nationwide QQI certified Training initiative. She is also an award winning radio documentary producer.


Cost of Half-Day Tailored Training with The Wheel:

Members of The Wheel€499

Our Approach

The Wheel will work with organisations to arrange a suitable time for the tailored training session (which can include evenings and weekends, if requested). Tailored training sessions are provided nationwide (with training outside of Dublin subject to possible additional costs for travel / expenses, as will be agreed with the client). 

Funding Finder Research

The Funding Finder research service consists of expert online funding research conducted by The Wheel, which will be presented in the form of a detailed research report (including recommendations and additional resources). Each Funding Finder session includes 4 hours of dedicated research*.

Funding Finder costs are as follows:

 4 Hour Funding Finder research
Members of The Wheel€450

Note: a 2-hour mini Funding Finder option is available for organisations that would be unlikely to benefit sufficiently from the full Funding Finder service. 

*Includes time to conduct in-depth research through dozens of relevant grants, as well as report preparation.

Find Out More

You can get in touch with us directly to discuss your tailored training needs or just to find out more by  ph: (01) 454 8727 or email Jayne Tennyson: jayne@wheel.ie

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The Wheel’s training and events are developed to meet the needs of the community and voluntary sector and includes a wide variety of subjects, all at affordable prices. Our members benefit from 30-45% discount on all courses.

Training is delivered by both our own team of experts and a hand-picked selection of qualified external trainers. Click the link below to find out more.

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