Use Of Social Media To Raise Profile and Fundraise For Your Organisation

04th October 2016, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Carmichael Centre

Social media can be a powerful set of tools to connect you to your audience, spread the word about campaigns and fundraise.

In this 1 day course we will look at how to utilise Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to make these valuable connections and run campaigns. You will learn practical tips that you can put in to action straight away to improve what you are doing on social media.

Feedback on best features of the course from pervious participants:

“Clear presentation, loads of ideas.”

“Very well paced, high volume of work,

interesting facilitator,

very lively and personable.”

“Interactive nature of the course – use of own laptop to explore content.”


Carmichael Centre Resident Members: €100

Other Community Voluntary Charity Organisations: €120

Statutory/Corporate Organisations: €140


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