Community of Wellness & Self-Agency

This course offers students a safe learning space to create a personal pathway to wellness in their community.  Advancing self-agency and tool-kit for greater resilience in meeting any challenges you may encounter. Connecting or reconnection with your community, peers and relationship with others.   

The aims of the course. This course aims to assist students to realise their own abilities creating wellness in their community and develop self-agency as part of action for change. Community participation can be difficult when unsure of if you belong, and many people encounter challenges to be included. This course will explore solutions, focus on new alternatives and promote positive mental health and wellness.  

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to get your mind fit for life’s emotional and mental challenges
  • Develop a tool-kit for understanding yourself and build personal resilience
  • Reframe your thinking to bring about personal growth, stimulate motivation and passion for changes in your life.

This course is over four sessions, one per week, which will take place in the Transformative College Education room. Permeant House, Austin Friars Street Mullingar. County Westmeath.

Limited places and pre-enrolment required.

€20 full fees 

Application form on request…. or 085 143 0909