Abolition of the One Parent Family Tax Credit in Budget 2014

We ask everyone to take action this week to try to reverse the draconian measure proposed in Budget 2014 to abolish the One Parent Family Tax Credit for the parent who is not the primary carer.  This is a tax credit which benefits children of parents who are not living together.  The system needs reforming and not abolition.

We believe the abolition of the tax credit will

  • completely devalue the importance of shared parenting for children which research shows is important for them
  • result in working unmarried and separated fathers experiencing a loss of between €20  - €48 per week in take home pay
  • likely result in fathers, who are doing their best for their children, having no choice but to reduce maintenance payments for their children.  This in turn will mean that the Department of Social Protection will have to pay more in One-Parent Family Payments (OFP) to offset the reduction in maintenance payments received from the other parent


  • undermine the  ‘job-activation’ and ‘incentives to work’ objectives of the budget as it is clearly a work dis-incentive for low paid workers.  (For a father on a minimum wage, working 30 hours a week, it will result in a loss of €20 per week on a wage of €260 per week)

The government attacked parents in receipt of One-Parent Family Payment in recent budgets.  Now they are penalising the other parent.  It is the children who ultimately suffer.  These parents are doing their best for their children, often at great cost to themselves.  Are we truly cherishing all our children equally?

We urgently call on unmarried parents and those involved with them to contact their local TDs and seek an immediate reversal of the decision.  The legislation is likely to be forced through this week with very little time for debate or discussion.

About    Treoir
Founded     in     1975     Treoir     is     the     national     federation     of     services     for     unmarried parents    and    their    children.    Its    main    aim    is    to    promote    the    rights    and    welfare    of unmarried     families     in     Ireland. Treoir operates a national, specialist information service for unmarried parents, their relatives and those involved with them.


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