Interested in volunteering in Colombia?

LASC, in partnership with the Colombian lawyers collective Equipo Juridico de los Pueblos, are launching a solidarity campaign with the internally displaced campesino community of Pitalito in Cesar, Colombia.  We are looking for volunteers to provide international protective accompaniment to the community as they return to their land and begin a legal battle to have their rights to it recognised.  We hope that the Pitalito case can become a model for future returns of displaced populations affected by the armed conflict and the problem of land distribution in Colombia.

What we offer:

What we need:

Short and long term placements with the community in Colombia.

Enthusiastic, committed volunteers who are open, enjoy being around people, and are willing to live in very basic conditions in sometimes tense or stressful situations.

Training and support for international accompaniers.

Volunteers with a range of skills and experiences that they would like to teach or share.

Help with fundraising ideas and events before you go and with political lobbying on return.

People with an interest in solidarity with Latin America and some knowledge of the Colombian conflict.

An opportunity to work side by side with a group of courageous campesinos who against all odds are standing up for their rights.

Fluency in Spanish.


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