National Giving Week (10-17 November)

National Giving Week celebrates the value of the not for profit sector in Ireland. The aim of the week is to demonstrate the importance of giving and philanthropy to the future development of Irish society. The week will initiate National Giving Week debate and discussion on the topic and participants will be encouraged to sign up to the 1% Difference campaign – a national campaign asking every individual and business in Ireland to give one percent of their time or income to a cause they care about with the aim of increasing private sector investment in the not-for-profit sector by 6-% to €800 million by 2016.

Research has shown that in percentage terms of income donated, Ireland ranks well below the US and below many of our European peers including Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, where despite a similar government philosophy people are donating more than 1% of their disposable income compared to the Irish figure of only 0.8%. But we can change that...

If everyone gave 1% of their income it would double giving levels in Ireland. Give your 1% on the Better Together website by finding a cause that you care about, watching their video and using the donate function to the left of each video to give your 1%.

Alternatively, contact any cause on this website to volunteer 1% of your time. And don't forget to the sign up to the 1% Difference.

Start making a difference today...


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