Global Schools: Third Party Funding Grant Scheme

The Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education of St. Patrick's College, and Trócaire are partners in an exciting EU-funded Development Education project called Global Schools: Primary Education for a Just World.

The project is based in St. Patrick's College, and Ireland is part of a consortium of 10 European countries, and 17 project partners. The overall aim of the project is to embed Global Learning/Development Education, into primary education across Europe.

Third Party Funding Grant Scheme

The scheme targets non-governmental and civil- society organisations who work with primary schools on issues relating to Global Citizenship Education. In line with Trócaire’s Mobilising for Justice Grants Scheme, this scheme aims to:

  • Educate people regarding the causes of global injustice and poverty and how this relates to Ireland
  • Motivate and mobilise communities here at home to take action on issues of global injustice and poverty
  • Advocate for specific changes, be that in structures, policies, attitudes and/or behaviour, to address global injustice and poverty
Deadline for applications: 15 December 2016
See the following link for further information about the project, as well as application criteria and application form: