Deadline Approaching for Community Groups to Engage with OPW

The OPW has launched a nationwide advertising campaign seeking expressions of interest from local heritage/ community groups who may be interested in becoming a partner with the OPW.

Criteria and Limitations

Interested groups should forward submissions to by Wednesday 28 March 2012. Any proposals received after this date will not be considered.

Submissions should outline how communities and groups could work with OPW at a local level to raise awareness of Heritage sites.

Groups making submissions should

  • Demonstrate their knowledge of the site and a wider knowledge of similar sites;
  • Demonstrate their commitment in terms of time and personnel;
  • Outline the composition of the group;
  • Outline the relevant experience possessed by the group in heritage/tourism areas;
  • Outline how the proposal is to be financed;
  • Describe how the proposal will contribute to the presentation and promotion of the site;
  • Demonstrate how the proposal will support the OPW in its management and conservation work;
  • Describe how the proposal will contribute to local tourism and local economic development.

Pilot schemes will be determined based on an assessment of the submissions received.


In addition to the above, the following should be noted:

  • Groups will need experience of Health & Safety Procedures in relation to visitor safety (training will be provided where appropriate).
  • Sites involved in the pilot schemes must be safely accessible to the public (OPW will advise on this matter).
  • Ownership of sites will remain with the State.
  • OPW will retain responsibility for intrepretation and presentation.

The deadline for submissions is 28 March 2012.

How to Get Involved

Please note that the OPW reserves the right to vary the above limitations.

For more information email or phone 046 942 6106 or 046 942 6061.

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