Bookings Open for Ryan Academy's Social Enterprise Management & Governance Programme

DCU Ryan Academy's Social Enterprise Management and Governance Programme is now open for bookings. This is a FETAC accredited programme which will be of interest to aspiring leaders and managers of social enterprises and those with an interest in this area from the public and private sectors. 

The new Governance Code will form an integral part of this programme.

Participants in this programme will learn about the steps to managing growth and risk in a social enterprise.  They will compare business and social enterprises and determine what developments from the business sector can be applied to the social sector. The new Governance Code for the Irish Community, Voluntary and Charity sectors will form an integral part of this programme.

Learning Approach

The modules are based on an action learning approach and will be very hands-on with practical exercises focused on the individual participant’s development being completed throughout.  Participants will be introduced to case studies, role plays and practical examples.  Participants will also be provided with worksheets and activities to help them apply the training content and to build up their social enterprises development skills.  Each participant will be encouraged to develop an individual action plan to help them develop and apply their new skills.  As well as the trainer enabling learning, peer to peer feedback and input will be encouraged.  The programme is run over 5 days - see schedule below.


Participants who wish to gain a Level 6 FETAC minor award in Corporate Governance must attend a minimum of 8 workshops and complete a series of assignments.

The programme starts 6 April in DCU Ryan Academy, Citywest.  The cost per participant is €495.

Visit the Ryan Academy website now to learn more.