The Governance Code Boot Camp

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The Wheel
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Programme cost: €400.00 per organisation (for 2 delegates)
Governance Code Boot Camp

The Governance Code Boot Camp Programme has been devised to help Irish non-profits transition to an era of higher regulation and transparency by putting the right training and resources at their fingertips. 

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31 Aug 2017
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The Wheel's Governance Code Boot Camp Programme has been developed to help our members to transition to an era of higher regulation and transparency.  

What is The Wheel’s Governance Code Bootcamp?

An 18 month programme, structured around a series of relevant workshops and dedicated networking events and support systems, The Wheel’s Governance Code Bootcamp programme will equip participating organisations with the motivation, knowledge and skills to tackle the change necessitated by charity regulation and changed public attitudes towards charities.  

Deadline for applications: 31 August 2017.

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(See application / cost section below for further details)

What current Bootcamp Participants are saying:

"It keeps you focused to complete the journey"

 - Aishling Brett, Dalton House Day Care Centre

"We are learning what we do well and where we need to improve" 

 - Ollie O'Connor, Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann (ONE)

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The Governance Code Boot Camp Programme has been devised to help Irish non-profits transition to an era of higher regulation and transparency by putting the right training and resources at their fingertips. 

What can Governance Code Boot Camp tackle?

  • Negative impact of lack of public trust on Irish charities
  • The administrative challenge of new regulatory requirements
  • The need to demonstrate social impact and organisational effectiveness clearly and powerfully.

How will the Boot Camp tackle the issues?

  • Leadership from within and outside the sector
  • More transparency across the sector
  • Stronger collaborations and cohesion
  • Increased capacity to communicate the successes and capability of Irish charities.

What our members are looking to achieve through the Governance Code Bootcamp:

“A wider scope of what good governance is – and how to put it into practice within our organisation”
“To deliver on the Governance Code in both spirit and the letter”

“A greater understanding of others’ experiences and especially a reassurance that our difficulties are not unique”

Programme Objectives for Participating Organisations:

At the end of the programme the organisations which have gone through the Boot Camp will be engaging in the highest standards of transparency to the public through:
  • Compliance with The Governance Code and Fundraising Principles
  • Using the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) for charities audit standard (where appropriate).
  • Organisations will be confidently engaged with the Charities Regulatory Authority, The Standards In Public Office Commission and all applicable regulatory frameworks.  
  • The organisations are joined together by peer to peer solidarity across the sector as we demonstrate CV sector-citizenship’ in action.
  • Participant organisations become sector leaders on governance and regulatory engagement.

The Governance Code Bootcamp has been formulated to accompany you through your governance code journey. Employing a carefully designed support format, this programme will provide you with all of the following core components:

1. An 18-month programme of inter-sector, intra-charity and corporate expertise and actions

Bootcamp participants will be able to benefit from the experts we will be involving in the delivery of this programme, including charity and corporate leaders with extensive backgrounds and experience in governance and related fields, including:

  • Experienced Insights: The Wheel, with our in-house charity governance expertise, takes a leadership role through sharing our learning with the participating organisations and providing programme supports.
  • Mentoring Participants: corporate partners who will be providing input and expertise through workshops and resources, information sessions along with mentoring of participants.
  • Support Service: Participants will also be able to avail of convenient access (by email and phone) to The Wheel's in-house governance and charity regulation experts. Whether you require clarification on any aspect of, for example, registering with the Charity Regulatory Authority or adopting the Governance Code for your organisation, programme participants will be able to rely on The Wheel at every step of your journey.

2. A tightly structured programme of practical training, coordination and facilitation provided by the Wheel.

Forming the nucleus of the programme, the Bootcamp training schedule includes:

  • The Wheel's Governance and Charity Regulation – A 2-Day Survival Guide (covering all aspects relating to charity regulation, transparency, income generation and good governance)
  • Specialist governance / regulation training for trustees (evening event)
  • Corporate Fundraising Workshop (how to secure their backing)
  • Income Diversification Workshop (what works and what doesn't when it comes to earning income for your non-profit)
  • Networking sessions (hosted by The Wheel to facilitate shared learning and feedback, as well as building new connections with your fellow participants)
  • Impacts and Outcomes Workshop (learning how to measure the societal value your non-profit provides)
  • Financial Reporting and SORP training (preparing your nonprofit for the implementation of the SORP accounting standard)
  • Data Protection for Nonprofits (getting your nonprofit up-to-speed with the rapidly changing data regulation landscape)
  • External expert inputs (from programme partners and guests, all leaders in their fields)
  • Check-in sessions (in which your progress is discussed and issues can be raised).

Cost and Application process

In order to extend this opportunity to the broadest range of our members and to relieve the capacity demands during the summer season, we are happy to extend the deadline for this intake of the programme to 31st August. 

The cost for participating in this unique learning and development opportunity is just €400.00 per organisation for the participation of 2 delegates/ representatives.

This cost includes:
  • participation of two members of your organisation in 4 Bootcamp Networking events, 
  • your organisation’s participation in 8 relevant Training events, 
  • access to expert advice and mentoring from our support staff.
Purchasing each of these workshops and services individually would cost over €1000, and so the Governance Code Boot Camp can save you over €600 overall. 
Please note: due to high levels of demand for this programme, all suitable applicants may not be able to be accommodated on the current Governance Code Bootcamp.
We will work with qualifying applicants to secure them a place on The Wheel's next available Governance Code Bootcamp. 
Click here to download the application form.

Deadline for applications: 31 August 2017.


  • The Wheel Governance Code Document Pack 
  • Sustainable Communities: A Governance Resource Book
  • Sustainable Communities: A Funding Handbook
  • Solid Foundations Series of Guides
  • The Wheel Factsheets Series.

Advice Service

Telephone and Email support:

Mairead O’Connor
01 2531078
Lauren Carroll
01 4548727
The Wheel Governance Code Bootcamp training schedule will comprise a structured framework for each cluster to progress through over its meetings. These are training sessions, resources and a full mentoring service from The Wheel. This will be augmented by a series of networking sessions.

Autumn 2017 Schedule

Networking Sessions

07 Sept 2017, Dublin

Orientation Session

Establishing the Peer Network

Motivation & Inspiration - The Challenges and Benefits of The Governance Code Journey
Input from a representative of a CVC Organisation that has previously completed the Governance Code journey.
23 Nov 2017, Dublin

Networking session 1

Governance Code Principle 1

Check In

Managing & Supporting Staff – Engaging with Sub-principle 1.3
Input from a HR professional on key aspects of Principle 1.3: Managing and Supporting and Holding to account staff, volunteers and all who act on behalf of the organisation.  
15 Mar 2018, Dublin

Networking session 2

Governance Code Principle 2

Check In

Exercising Financial Control – Engaging with Sub-principle 2.2
Input from a Financial Services Professional on key aspects of Sub-principle 2.2: Making sure that there are appropriate internal financial and management controls. 
Identifying Risk – Engaging with Sub-principle 2.3
Input from a Management Professional on key aspects of Principle 2.3: Identifying major risks for the organisation and deciding ways of managing the risks. 
24 May 2018, Dublin

Networking session 3

Governance Code Principle 3

Check In

Transparency In Action – Engaging with Sub-principle 3.1
Input from a Communications Professional on key aspects of Principle 3.1. Creating an effective communication strategy to keep stakeholders informed about your organisation.
Engaging Beneficiaries in Decision-Making – Engaging with Sub-principle 3.3
Input from a Facilitation Professional on key aspects of Principle 3.3. Exploring strategies for engaging beneficiaries and other stakeholders in your strategic development and decision-making. 
06 Sept 2018, Dublin

Networking session 4

Governance Code Principles 4 & 5

Board Effectiveness – Engaging with Principles 4 & 5
Input from a Leadership/Governance Professional on key aspects of Principles 4 & 5. Creating a healthy culture on your board which enables board effectiveness, empowerment & integrity. 

Training Events

Governance & Charity Regulation

28 & 29 Nov 2017, Dublin

Governance & Charity Regulation – a 2-day Survival Guide
Compliance & Regulation; Governance & The Governance Code
6 Dec 2017, Dublin 
Charity Trustees: Board Roles and Responsibilities
Evening Training for Trustees

Training Events

Fundraising & Financial Reporting

18 Oct 2017, Dublin
Corporate Fundraising:
Engaging Businesses to Boost Your Income
27 Sept 2017, Dublin

Implementing SORP for Charities

1 Nov 2017, Dublin
Achieving Fundraising Sustainability
Income Diversification

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Training Events

Other Relevant Governance Training

14 Nov 2017, Dublin

Measuring Impact


Data Protection for Nonprofits





The Wheel Governance Code Document Pack 
Sustainable Communities: A Governance Resource Book
Sustainable Communities: A Funding Handbook
Solid Foundations Series of Guides
The Wheel Factsheets Series

Advice Service

Telephone and Email support:
Mairead O’Connor
01 2531078

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