Top Ten Fundraising Tips For Kids

Do keep these guidelines in mind whenever your child is considering pitching in with the fundraising efforts!

  1. Sell products to family members first (how could they refused you!)
  2. Draw up a list of your potential donors and approach them for their support.
  3. Explain to your potential donors the purpose of your fundraiser (e.g. Our group (name) is trying to raise €5,000 to pay for the improvement of our local playground. Would you be interested in helping us reach our goal?)
  4. Be cheerful and courteous.
  5. Always try to ensure you are with a friend or responsible adult at all times.
  6. Do not enter homes.
  7. Say 'Thank you' whether they buy or not.
  8. Empty your collection envelope after each fundraising effort.
  9. Turn in all money.
  10. Have Fun! A positive attitude = better success.