Fresh Fundraising Ideas for the Spring

With winter on the wane and spring hiking steadily over the horizon, this is the perfect time to consider some fresh fundraising ideas for the season that's in it. 

All you'll need to get started with your spring fundraising activities is a merry band of willing volunteers, friends or colleagues, a whole heap of enthusiasm and at least a dash of creativity. The following ideas might help you to get the ball rolling...

Garden Party - tea parties are always a popular kind of fundraising event. Well, why not cash in on the spring weather by moving that time-tested fundraiser out into the garden? More than that, what if you could secure access to a particularly nice garden, in full bloom and bursting with colour? A raffle or auction could then help to seal the success of such a venture. (Given the propensity of our springs to be, oh, perhaps a wee bit unpredictable, a canopy under which guests can shelter might also be worth considering!)

Spring Cleaning - there seems to be an innate tendency in people to want to clear things out of their homes once the winter season has passed. The question therefore is, what can your organisation do to accommodate - and benefit from - this? So, how about a campaign to encourage the donation of specific types of homeware, furniture or other items to your cause? These donations could go to your local charity shop, or be redeployed within your own organisation (keeping in mind that there are certain . You could do the same with local businesses, requesting their used (but functional) equipment as part of your Social Spring Cleaning campaign. It could represent a wonderful way to secure that much needed office equipment you've been pining for all these months...

Get Running - as people begin to emerge from their winter hibernation in front of the telly, thoughts shift inevitably to getting active and in shape again. And so, lots of potential exists to harness this enthusiasm and energy to your cause. You could consider setting up a 5k sponsored run to benefit your cause, or you could encourage your supporters to take part - while raising donations - in an existing local race / run. And, if you really want to put yourself on the map, see if you can get a local celebrity to lead the run for you (imagine, for example, how chasing Jedward - or, heck, even Daniel O'Donnell - down the road could well get people moving!)

Car Wash - a staple of American fundraising efforts, there is no reason why a sponsored car wash couldn't work in Ireland too. The premise is simple: first, you find a suitable splace / venue where you can wash cars (think of water supply etc), and then you start publicising the date. Come the actual day of the car wash, volunteers standing at the side of the road with posters / signs alerting passers-by about the charity car wash will be a huge help. All you really need is a sympathetic car wash owner, a good location and a giant bottle of fairy liquid and you're off!

Note: as with all fundraising events and initiatives, you must get permission from the correct authority before commencing. If fundraising on public property, local Gardai permission must first be obtained. If fundraising on private property, permission from the landlord / owner is required. 

The Wheel strongly recommends that all fundraisers familiarise themselves with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising before commencing with your activities.


The Wheel Summit 2018