Fundraising Blogs to Keep an Eye On

Keeping up with all the latest fundraising trends and ideas is not an easy thing to do. But not doing so can sometimes leave you out of the loop when it comes to important new tools, trends and tips. 

So, below you will find a selection useful blogs / websites that will help you to keep on top of what is moving and shaking in the fundraising world and which you may wish to keep bookmarked for your future reading and dining pleasure...

Keep in mind, as you persure the goods, that not everything on these blogs will be applicable to Irish fundraisers - but there is definitely enough tip top ideas and practical pieces of advice contained within them to still strongly deserve your attention. And, of course, there are a squillion more great fundraising blogs out there that deserve your attention - the ones below are just a starting sample!

101 Fundraising (Crowdblog on Fundraising)

A wonderfully unique concept, in which fundraisers from around the world pool their insights and ideas in one mighty website. (You can even join in, if you like!)

Change Fundraising - a Blog by Simon Scriver

As director of Total Fundraising, Simon is definitely equipped to ponder on whatever is happening at any given time in the Irish fundraising landscape. And he definitely delivers the goods - with news, opinion and ideas galore.

Fundraising Ideas (a Pinterest blog)

This blog does exactly what it says on the tin - i.e. it provides you with fundraising ideas. Lots and lots of fundraising ideas in fact! And it does it all in a way that it is easy and super quick to digest. Don't believe me? Click the link below and decide for yourself...