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Charity Regulator's Guidelines on Fundraising

The Wheel, Ireland’s national association of charities, has welcomed the publication of the Charities Regulator’s Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public<

Useful Free Tools for Digital Fundraising

The following article is a shared blog post, authored by Cliodnagh Conlon of ammado:

The Easy Way to Create a Free Website for Your Non-profit

With limited budgets and time available to so many non-profits these days, not everyone is in a position to hire a professional web developer to create a spiffing new website for their organisation

Fundraising Blogs to Keep an Eye On

Keeping up with all the latest fundraising trends and ideas is not an easy thing to do.

5 Reasons Your Non-profit Isn’t Raising Enough Money

The majority of non-profits struggle to bring money in the door. And they often don’t know why.

Have You Thought of Everything? Check Out Our Fundraising Checklist...

Are you considering all the possible ways you can raise money for your cause or organisation?

3 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Creating Videos

Mistake 1: Making Your Video about You, Rather than About the People You Serve 

Of course it's great to give a brief background on your organ

Five Ways to Enhance Your Fundraising Campaign

Whether big, medium or small, running a fundraising campaign is all about communication. Getting the words right, and presenting them well takes careful planning and thinking.

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