History of The Wheel

The Wheel has consistently kept true to its initial remit as a connecting mechanism across the broader community / voluntary / charitable sector.

The Wheel was an idea articulated for the first time in 1998 by people across the sector who felt that a connecting network would be a good idea for groups working both locally and nation


Employment Law

Employment law changes regularly - staying abreast of those changes is crucial for all employers...

Employment law changes regularly and is demanding for organisations to keep abreast of. It currently includes, but is not limited to, the following acts:

Employment law changes regularly - staying abreast of those changes is crucial for all employers...

Managing People

Good Employment Practices

Invest in training and development for all staff...

These are some other elements of good employment practice you should consider:

Dealing with People

The more people are involved, the more complex your organisation becomes...

Recognising all of the people involved

The people who undertake the work of your organisation, whether they are paid a wage or not, are the most important asset of your organisation. Without them, you simply would not exist. Every person plays a vital role, and everyone needs to view each other as partners in a team working together to achieve common goals.

The types of people involved in your organisation might include:

Paid Employees

You must provide all employees with proper payslips... 

If an organisation decides to take on staff, it must be very clear about the legal and moral obligations that go with being an employer.

These are just some of your legal employment responsibilities:

Volunteers and Other Human Resources

It is vital that the contribution of all workers is recognised, planned for, managed and evaluated... 

There are no specific laws relating to volunteers. In the case of volunteers, the challenge is finding and keeping volunteers without the lure of a salary.

Some examples of good practice in volunteer management include:

Equality Law

Equality law currently consists of the Employment Equality Acts 1998 and 2004 and the Equal Status Acts 2000 and 2004...

Although most people in the community and voluntary sector would agree that equality is an important concept, many find it challenging to translate a general belief in equality and inclusion into concrete action in the structures, processes and operations of an organisation. However, for the many groups and organisations that are set up to progress social justice it is essential that you do so, because having an ethos of equality is simply an extension of that commitment to equity and fairness.

Good Practice in Equality

Unless you ensure accessibility for as wide a group of people as possible, you will not have a diverse organisation...

A strategic approach

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