Agreeing Internal Policies

Although it is the responsibility of the governing body to ensure there are up to date policies in place in the organisation, it is not assumed that the members of the governing body are experts in all these areas...

Why have internal policies?

Being Creative

A creative approach can enable an organisation to produce quality plans vthat incorporate clear direction and strategic thinking...

Every successful organisation can trace its beginnings to an energetic group of people with exciting ideas who decided to make them happen. As ideas progress to action, an organisation is formed.

Ensuring Human Resources are Managed

Governing bodies should ensure there are open channels of communication with employees and volunteers and consult them on issues of importance...

Duty of care

Holding Effective Meetings

Governing bodies should ensure there are ways for confidential matters to be recorded, and minutes to be filed securely...

The vast majority of a governing body's work is carried out through meetings of one kind or another.


Holding an 'away day' led by an external facilitator can be an effective means of kick-starting the planning process...

Planning is vital as it prevents wasted resources, haphazard developments and conflict. Planning is one of the main contributions a governing body will make to organisational success.


It is very helpful to adopt a long-term view of the skills, experience and commitment necessary...

The assumption that you can sit a group of people around a table and they will then automatically become a highly effective governing body is disappearing.

Unincorporated Bodies

It is therefore a good idea to draw up a written constitution outlining the aims, activities and rules for running your group...


Unincorporated Association

An unincorporated association is a group that does not have a separate legal personality of its own.

Reviewing Your Internal Structures

Are you keeping yourself informed about changes to legal structures for community and voluntary organisations?

Are you keeping yourself informed about changes to legal structures for community and voluntary organisations?


Charitable Status in Ireland

All charities are legally required to register with the CRA to receive a charity registration number

Updated: 8 November 2016

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